I go back, and then I go forth.

August 25, 2007–January 31, 2008.
This was a good sketchbook. The one before this looked the same, but square. They were made by a company called Deja Vu (if I remember right) and they either went under, or I can't find them anymore. I'm not looking too hard, because I think it's a good idea to change things up with sketchbooks: different sizes, different paper, and on and on.

For a while I made all my sketchbooks. They were saddle stiched about 20-40 pages. I used newsprint and drew in ballpoint pen. Initially it was good and it got me drawing fast. Eventually it started to hold me back. So now I'm on to the next book. It's oversized. I actually bought it something like seven years ago. So it's finally being put to use. and I'm starting out with some acrylic painting. Something I haven't done in a while either.