Putting my best self forward

I would like to tell you what this drawing is about, but in all honesty I can't quite say. The images that pop into our heads can be ineffable little mysteries. Sometimes they are pieces of reality reorganized, sometimes wild fantasy and other times completely banal echoes of the day. Although I can't really explain the situation occurring above I can offer some context… the original sketch for this was drawn quickly and roughly at the end of summer 2016 on some notebook paper. It was drawn so poorly that I felt the need to annotate—notes with lines pointing to each element: "stick," "puppet-like," "luche libre," "blue light." The setting should be familiar to anyone practicing yoga in a subscription/online-based format—a platform next to calm water opposite trees. Perhaps its also worth noting that this sketch was folded up with a mantra I briefly practiced while learning to meditate: Om Shri Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama. I find it amazing the amount of information that can occur in a brief blink of an eye during the half-awake moments of the early morning or the occasional reflective moment of the day. Maybe there isn't much to this image—just stimulus regurgitation—but it felt necessary to put marks on paper and study it for a moment longer.