Golovkin v Alvarez 1 after Tad Dorgan

A NOTE: I've been at a bit of a loss as to what to do with Woodenwater since I've decided to use my Instagram feed to show sketches and process drawings. The fact is Instagram is better at getting my work in front of people and making connections with them. At the same time, Woodenwater has been around for over a decade and for the few that stumble upon it I hope it's enjoyable. I've enjoyed the long form projects—bass builds and research projects. I still think back to the Fender P-Bass history I did back in Spring of 2013 as a thoroughly enjoyable experience. So I think that's the future of Woodenwater—fewer posts, but more research projects… long form. I'd like to get into some Neanderthal work and a little biographical research on Big Joe Williams, but for now… boxing.

I may be a professional hobbyist because I have quite a few. Sometimes I wonder how beneficial these distractions posing as hobbies really are as I venture down their tangential rabbit holes, but after some time it finds it's way back home to drawing. Of late my fixation has been on boxing—current fights, history, fitness (I now have a DIY boxing gym in the garage). For kicks I decided to buy Jack Dempsey's Championship Fighting (1950)… I wasn't imaging that the fighting techniques would be overly helpful to me in my chosen career, but it was a $6 low commitment. In an unexpected turn, I was really surprised by all the terrific illustrations in the book which are (to my dismay) uncredited!

Through some internet searching I found one source crediting the illustrations to Ed Igoe. Having never heard the last name Igoe I figured I would now quickly be able to find my guy. However, this single citation is the only place I've been able to locate an illustrator named Ed Igoe. There is a sports cartoonist with an interest in boxing named Herbert Anthony Aloysius "Hype" Igoe, however he passed away on February 11, 1945 and probably did not illustrate a book from the grave six years later. So the mystery continues.

I haven't found the illustrator of Championship Fighting yet, but the trail has lead me to discover a group of cartoonist that I really knew nothing about. So for now I'm happy to venture down a new tangent, learning about this group of guys getting their start in San Francisco: Hype Igoe, Rube Goldberg and Tad Dorgan who really caught my eye. For further reading on Dorgan and gang check out Yesterday's Papers and some great articles by John Adcock.

Inspired by some Tad Dorgan pieces in which he draws a central figure and then surrounds that figure with little vignettes to tell a story I drew this piece about Canelo v. GGG 1 leading up to their rematch last Saturday.