I've never particularly enjoyed drawing the same thing more than once, but lately that seems to be changing. I'm spending time sketching, refining, re-sketching, inking, working with a light table… This October—"Inktober" for illustrators on social media—I'm doing a little experimenting. I'll draw the same piece for a week without an underdrawing and let things fall where they lie. I'm also going to get off the bristol and try some new paper. The idea to do this didn't really strike me until a couple days ago, but last Friday I forgot my sketchbook at home and drew this on a scrap of paper:

…and this became the reference sketch to work off this week. Here is the first ink drawing: Let's imagine a sabertooth tiger chasing it's tail.

…here is the second ink drawing called, Let us imagine a sabertooth tiger chasing it's tail:

…the third ink drawing is called Cosmic Tail Chaser:

…and the last one, Catching Tail: