work/play resolution

It has been a different kind of year 2015 with it's good and bad. I've been called bass player, woodworker, car guy, outdoorsman, beard guy, rocker—not a single hepcat space viking or deep sea poem painter. As I take these partial truths and blatant inaccuracies under consideration I look forward to 2016. I figure I'll play the bass, paint on paper, build from wood, eat some pizza (with salad) and watch Saturday night Svengoolie. Aside from from Saturday night Svengoolie, Curio has been a catalyst for all of the above. 

Two years into my time at Steppenwolf, I feel like I have a place of work instead of a day job—allowing me to refine my communication skills and bring all this extra-curricular experience into the creative and collaborative Steppenwolf world. My resolution is to have a balanced and exciting year of work and play. I'm not a wordsmith, but there should be a word meaning work/play—did Shakespeare invent one? The closest sentiment is this anecdote from a photo class I took in college: 

student: it [your art] just seems like you're fucking around.
teacher: I take my fucking around very seriously.

The above drawing is something I put together for Curio's free digital release—a live recording of our last 2015 show. It's based on a line from Gallows: "Drag a knife across your evil eye, the truth sounds better when you lie."


Unknown said…
All well said and thoroughly read.