The Sidewinder

A brief introduction: In January 2016 I decided to get back into weight lifting after abandoning my weight set in my parents basement about 15 years prior. I also set out to start jogging regularly (this is a tricky goal to embark upon in a Chicago winter). My only intention was to play an hour-and-a-half-long set without feeling sore the next day.

Now in January 2019 I’ve got a scrappy little boxing gym in the garage and the old weight set going strong (with additional weights) in the often leaky “wood room.” It’s been interesting approaching weight training in my late thirties versus a boy in his late teens. It’s definitely become an interest in all things fitness as opposed to looking tough. So it’s become a bit of a hobby of mine to develop my own workouts based on animals, athletes, actors and such. They are based around some kind of theme or goal and have their own visuals to coincide (as is the case with all I do).

It’s a bit strange that I’m starting with “The Sidewinder”—it’s one of my most recent workouts (which is reason enough), but it’s more of an ancillary workout. The Sidewinder is a three-part circuit that targets the obliques. Here is the image:

Here is the workout:

A three part oblique-focused workout. A single light-rep circuit is approximately 15 minutes.

• Bicycle Crunch 40
Single Leg Side Plank 4 each side (2 and 2)
Rotating Side Plank 8-12 each side
Spiderman Pushup 10-12
• Cross-Body Mountain Climber 20
DB Side Crunch 8-12 each side
Single Arm DB Bench Press 8-12 each side
Single Arm Reverse Lunge and Press 8-12 each side
Hanging Oblique Raise 5-10 each side
Russian Twist 20
V-Up 10
Standing Waist Twist with Bar 1 min.