2008's last sketchbook

My new favorite thing this weekend:

nuther one.

A new poster!

2008's sketchbook No. 6

Is it too simple?

Do I have MAD skills?


Out of Sequence

New Poster: Martyr for Martyrs'

Sketchbook no. 5


New Posters!

VOTE Foote/Barracuda in '08!

sketchbook 4

A New Spruce Moose Shop!

A new poster and some behind-the-scenes:

Two lovely new posters.

It's The End.

Go back.

It's OK, it's just the end of the world.

Conjure Drawing magics

Staring into the future.

My counting ability.

The Tiger

I stare lazer beams.

New posters: GBH at the Abbey & Slow Gun Showgun at the Abbey

Two Trolls

Sketchbook the Third

Get ahead!

The all new goblin ear cleaning system!

The glory days of Lumberjack Benny.