Self-Portrait in distortion



Buffalo #...

Eventual self-portrait

Into the great wide open (under them a fiery hell)

Squid Suit Sink

Remembering Brown at Fifty is available now!


Slow Moe

freeze buddy

I am the Reformed

What she said to get things started

A Pistol Goes...

consternation constellation

tuck and fall

without wings

squid suit

helmet and beard

teeth grinder

Slow Gun on the 19th

lady with posture


slump and walk

Boxed knot or balance

hand print

In Color

Newcity Cover!

I've got it!

Lux Interior

Portrait in vector

short stories too

It works on both levels

red thing 3

vintage shirt

Until you're blue in the face

good hands vs. bad

Unimpressed by my dramatic expression

Nearly electric protegé

leave it



This one's for Jon

Beatnik primative

Amateur Nostalgism

Your mind might leave you.

1982 detective story

Variations on walking

The Protector