Gregarious George

Outlaws brandish them.

Vampires live forever.

Ralph Steadman's right ear has a mouth of it's own.


Who do you think I am?

An unthought-out start

The chair had a face, but refused to talk.

Happy Easter, said the giant bunny, but I've always been terrified of holiday mascots.

Sometimes I look out into a crowded room and think of all the people as one big glob monster that won't shut up.

Remembered in part.

Nice vest Frank!

Caffeinated Zombie

Craigslist Job Post Reversal.


I'm beautiful!

This way it's just a little odd, but upside down it's incredibly frightening.

Flattop Bub

I was thinking about the Birdman of Alcatraz

Will you still recognize me?

A deer's nose needs a moustache.

Old men look like monsters.

A couple new faces and some news.

Its hard to gather the expression of a man with seven pairs of eyes.

I told the Invisible Man a costume would defeat the whole point.

This one has a wonky eye, I'd like a new one.

Sea creatures have strange faces.

Upon further inspection, Mothman

Wooden Frankenstein

What do I do with that dream?