old man walks slowly in an over-sized coat

I've never seen the man in the moon

Slow Gun poster remix

The Flattop is the Best Cut.

3 blobs and some riff raff

Let's begin.

and that would be it.

Half crazy

You long to see the pyramids in Egypt.

Impulse Idea

A new Slow Gun Shogun poster:

Retired postman

Our reluctant hero

Drawings for people I don't know

Flow My Tears,

Born again heathen

Big hands I know you're the one.

with guns a blazin'

viking style

You're in the big suit now.

Boy Saint with Decaffeinated Halo

Transitional Site

ooo collage-y

saints and squiggles

squid man

A new poster for DePaul.

The Near Year

I'm a blue vampire:


get on, get old, good boy

Music Makers 5