The Torch Singer Coat

drawing table, last week of december...

Self-portrait with Crow Mask and Scarf

Button Ideas

Blue House, Grey Wolf

Sound the ALARM!

He looked like this: ridiculous

the Norwegian

December Music

motor home

A new theme...

Twain Town

making colors


Now that's a trumpet...

My Failed poster for Gary

Flags for Future Americans 2

Space Farming Panorama

Jim's Kaleidoscope

The Flashbulb at the Abbey (poster)

Flags for Future Americans

Penny Loafers

A new online poster for Gary & Kevin

Space Captain episode 2

Ink Blot #3: Batman's New Tights

"A" Kaleidoscope [for Alexis]

Ink blot #4: another viking.

The Space Captain


Mitchum Man

Redmoon Theater's Winter Pageant

Ink blot #1: I see a viking.



A drawing I did for some friends...

New Poster for DePaul

A New Face-A-Day

working on a new DePaul poster...

New poster for Gary.

Slow Prog

Ink Pig


Day of the Dead

Astro B-Day on Chicago Tonight!

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