Sorry Atahualpa,

Gary is playing this Monday

Imagining The Poetic Edda from title and cover.

First sketch for sculpture number 2.

Gether 'round the Anomoly Log.

Looking in…

Curio, Sunday, Elbo Room

Leaves leave their mark.

In The Red and Brown Water (Poster)

The Chicago International Film Festival

Illustration for DC Magazine.


Dead Lookout Number Fourteen

Myth of the Cloud Climber

[Recovered] Stone Monument for Ancient Space King


Cross-sections of a fell maple.

Blues Guitar on Mars: Mars is a lonely place.

Woodland Planter with Coracle


Gary plays this Monday

Dead Lookout Number Seventeen

Beowulf: Four Men

The Meadhall

Beowulf, before the dragon

Draw a Viking

Murder Ballad: verse one, line one

On August 5th…

Curio Returns!

Curio Band Portraits

This Morning

More rain in Spain.

A Tsunami of Wedding Horror!

Unfinished and on hold

pencil like paint

Thumpin' around

Gary & Kevin May 22

My Morning Project

Egg painting from (the memory of) a 1958 cookbook, number 2

Egg painting from (the memory of) a 1958 cookbook, number 1