Been a long time since a rock n roll poster

Ink Playwrights

and I'm dancin a-with myself

How to Blind Date with Open Eyes

I remember acid jazz and acid rain. I grew extra eyeballs, but nowadays I can't see it called by that name.

It's not there until I turn around. The problem was, I knew it was there.

Let's just sit here as the sun rises and drink coffee forever.

Full Opposite…

Norse America: Sleipner Buffalo, Odin Ghost

I am the smartest mammal to walk the planet, but I am a dinosaur.*

Hell on Back

Sunday: acetate sheets of weird unicorns

The move to limited color

Cobb's Bats



Brenda now identifies as Electric.

The wolves are in the garage.

Dreams become coffee and eggs.

Every bass player of my generation must answer to Flea!

She had one good eye, but it could see twice as far.

subtle variations in monochrome black

Curio at Steppenwolf

cloak and dagger

Welcome to the fast-paced world of moss gardening!

New Route

The Women Eat Chocolate poster…

Ready for transport