D-Bo: Makin' Shape

D-Bo: With Hand I

D-Bo: Probable-Synth/Purpleheart/Macho-Scale/Math-like

D-Bo: 3-D(esigns)

D-Bo: you don't know diddley

D-Bo: Diddley Bow

D-Bo: research

D-Bo: "It's happening again…"

Buffalo Oak (gothic quilt study, 1)

Update the Doc

Archival Grocery Bags

Flattop: Passed first test

Flattop: Back in the saddle…

Flattop: Take it to the bridge

Flattop: Annihilation, catastrophe

Flattop: Original Rockabilly

Flattop: The Reclaimed Bass

cataloged bog

Design & Nature

Flattop: Uff-da!

Desert Tree …or deserted?

Flattop: Dread

Mid-Fall Wolfhound

mark of the beast

Integrated thumbrest and the Bronze Age

Flattop: Build that bass!

It's Live!

But dreams we'll never know.

Rough wood wolfhound

The wolfhound for tracing…

Hunting Masks