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Redmoon's Winter Pageant

Tracking, Labeling and Naming…

The Big Bastard

Mark Sandman and the 2-String Way

Monday night…

John Pizzarelli thinks I'm a dildo.

on repercussions

"Take my hand was all she said."

And then suddenly, last summer…

Chapter 6, the tattooed princess

Chapter 5…

Chapter 4

Almost there…

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

In the woods behind the gas station.

Twisted Roots: Rituals for the Southbound

Twisted Roots: Unintentional Frank/Beaver Mask

Stray cat strut…

I can feel my knees

Ya One-Eyed Brute!

Nine places I've never been.

Refining the storyboard


What Happened in Pinkville?

Karlov SB: wrap-up

The Scavengers by Lucas Baisch