It's Martini Time!

The Monoliths have taken over.


Trout & Tramp

The Brain in need of a shave.

sci fi



hiding in bushes


Digital Television at Weiner and Still Champion.

A fairly big mistake.

Recording For Autumn

Robin Hood makes a comeback

What we have here is a completely tangible idea towards idiotic reasonization.

What has transpired here, is difficult to ascertain.

Softball for the marginally sane.

Teresa's new fishing hat

We'll get these pork barreling earmarkers with our bipartisan dialogue speak.

The artist imagines an American Quilt

Tired of recording by noon


Running Buffalo Hat

young squid

Swim away little sea turtle, swim away!

The self-portrait that turned into George Washington

Dismiss the devil.

As I sat there confusing the act of seeing, with doing, I became bored with my expertise on the subject.

The realization that you're being carried.

Flourescent Wheel Technologies