work/play resolution

Ground control to Major Frank

The Battle of Swivel Ball Head, Day One

A brief animation test…

What is a horse?

Clovis spearpoint

Posture sketch #2 for Bring Back the Night

3015: fossilized hammer

Tree Wall of Sound

The Great Onyx Cave painted in the style of William Blake

The Beech Cathedral

Just to be known: beech and stone

What a crock…

Arrowhead Truss Rod Cover

Flattering ourselves with imitation

To tell the story again,

Maple Talisman

Artifact of wood and stone

Gelatinous Monotone Idiot Drone

Electric Brenda: Part One

(sketch for) American Totem

Epitaph for Autumn

National Abstraction


2 towards 100


Wes Craven

Flattop Tune up

Steve Swallow sketch